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Full Spectrum Solar Simulator
Based on licensed patented technology we offer module testing systems with class A+ spectral match in the range of 300 to 400 nm. more ... »


September 25-28, 2017

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2001 Development of a single cell flasher system with two illumination ranges in one flash for measurement of up to three IV curves. Production of a complete testing unit with flasher, high voltage, insulation and ground leakage tester for the fully automatic production line of FLABEG.

2000 Development of a PC-controlled three channel measuring and load simulation device for registration of IV curves of PV solar cells, arrays and modules. Due to the particular adjustment of measuring electronics and flasher all Dualjunction-, Triplejunction- and Concentratorcells can be measured as well.

1999 Further development of high-power long-term flashers for measuring of terrestrial solar cells and modules

1998 Development and production of a single cell flasher with 10 ms peak time and accuracy of 0,5 % for DASA

1997 Hans-Jürgen Berger retires
Dissolution of the company BCL-Lichttechnik
BERGER Lichttechnik acquires the equipment, machines and devices

1987 Development and production of a thermal light Pulsed Simulator with 150 KW power with only one XBO bulb, for material testing in military applications
Delivery of further 40 KJ devices to AEG Wedel and MBB

1986 Development and production of a 40 KJ Pulsed-Solar-Simulator for ESA, accuracy in energy and AM0-Spectrum < 1%
Delivery of an entire test station for solar panels to SIEMENS-INTERATOM

1985 Detlev Berger is hired officially as development manager in his father's company
Agreements for developments with OSRAM about Xenon lights and ballasts

1984 Development and production of 10.000 Jl Rectangular-Flashers
The serial production of Light-Curing-Devices HERAEUS KULZER starts

1983 Development of strobe flasher systems for light curing of medical synthetics Development and production of a solar cell flasher with AM0 spectrum for MBB Acquisition of the ROLLEI-Studio-Lightsystem including all patents

1976-1982 Further development of low-voltage Pulsed Solar Simulators with up to 24.000 Jl for MBB, AEG, SOLAREX and SIEMENS

1975 First collaboration of Detlev Berger in his father's company

1973 Delivery of first flasher for solar simulation to MBB

1972 Application of a flasher system for colour determination by KODAK

1968 Worldwide distribution by ROLLEI-Werke Braunschweig

1962 Patent for flash tubes and halogen lamps with joint radiant emittance

1960 Development of low-voltage flashers for photography by Hans-Jürgen Berger
In 1960, Hans-Jürgen Berger developed and produced first photographic flashers. Since having sold the first flasher to the German space company MBB in 1973, the company continuously developed conventional high-power flashers into real solar simulators.

In 1997 Detlev Berger took over the company from his father. BERGER Lichttechnik has since developed a wide variety of products for terrestrial and extra-terrestrial solar simulation and testing of solar modules, arrays and cells and increased business at least fivefold.
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