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China: New Cooperation

Effective from now on our local service provider is BERGER New Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Please contact Ms. Shainy Feng, shainy@bergerlichttechnik.cn, phone +862168880306 for all inquiries. We are happy to be able to provide local support to our Chinese customers in this way.

Software: New Release "Gen3 High Efficiency"

After nearly 2 decades it is time to step on. Currently we are rolling out the first systems using our next generation software. A complete new graphical user interface independent from an machine control service running in the background, integrtion of touch interfaces and wireless tablets as well a complete recipe control are some key features. Of course classification files from previous software can be imported.
Much more intuitive use through Smart Operation features and automatical system adjustments make the operation much easier.
Please note that PSLoad/SCLoad software has reached end of life. Any new features will only be integrated in "Gen 3 High Efficiency" software.

Full Spectrum Solar Simulator

Based on licensed patented technology we offer module testing systems with class A
+ spectral match in the range of 300 to 400 nm.

Full Spectrum Solar Simulator

More information can be found in our
product section for module testing systems.

New High Efficiency Tester Technology

We have developed new 
HIGH EFFICIENCY test systems. For the precise measurement of high efficiency cells they eliminate any hysteresis effect and offer a unique data acquisition approach.

SCLoad and PSLoad Software

A longer pulse duration and more data points in combination with new software releases offer reliable reading of raw data values under a wide range of illumination and temperature levels.
This new data acquisition approach does not use curve fitting algorithms to change the recorded raw data, nor do we automatically adjust parameters to create good looking but inaccurate IV curves. We take full advantage of the digitally controlled and fully passive measurement load that is one of the characteristics of the BERGER load and measurement systems.
More information can be found in our product section for
cell and module test systems.


SNEC 2018
May 28-30, 2018

Please visit our cooperation partner BERGER New Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in hall E3, booth 111/112
Shanghai New Int'l Expo Center