Multiple Filter Unit

Automatic Filter changer integrated into lamp housing for up to 8 light reducing-, color- or spectral-filters Optional lamp distance control by software

Optimized for Research & Development and off-line measurement

The Multiple Filter Unit is optimized for R & D applications and off-line measurement. Up to eight different filters of 230 x 230 mm can be placed in the lamella light housing. By combining filters on the two loading drawers up to 16 different filter combinations can be selected. The position of the filters is completely controlled by the software and motor driven. Depending on the filters installed by the customer this allows measurements on the topics of research.


Product Specification

› Two loading drawers with four filter positions each
› Up to 16 filter combinations selectable
› Reducing grids for measurements between 100 and 1100 W/m²
in steps of 100 W/m² included*
› Integrated into the lamella light housing
› Can be retrofitted without significant down time
› Includes software upgrade for full automatic use

› Free programmable distance for light reducing to optimize uniformity
› For every filter position the according distance can be memorized

* requires changing of power level and/or distance for perfect irradiance level


Technical Data

Mechanical Data

Weight: approximately 10 kg
Dimensions: 1850 x 605 x 380 (H x W x L in mm)
Filter Dimensions: 230 x 230 mm

Electrical Data

Voltage: 12 V DC (external mains adaptor 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz)
Power: approximately 30 W


(USB to RS-485 converter included)