PSS 10 HE-HS Mark II

Solar Simulator for High Efficiency cells

Optimized for high efficiency cell production lines

The Pulsed Solar Simulator PSS 10 HE-HS Mark II is optimized for high throughput cell production lines for high efficiency cells. In combination with the PSL HE and the software package HE hysteresis effects during measurements of high efficiency cells are eliminated.
The system can be easily integrated into automatic and semi-automatic handling systems and different types of automatic sorters.


Product Specification

› 2 x 20 ms constant measuring time
› Class A⁺ temporal stability at 1000 W/m² and
500 W/m² irradiance level over measuring time
› Class A⁺ uniformity constant over lamp life time
› Class A⁺ AM 1.5 spectrum*
› Test area 210 x 210 mm
› 95 cm required space over cell test area to front of
lamella light source
› up to 3600 test cycles per hour
› Clean room suitable high performance MKP capacitors


Technical Data

Mechanical Data

Weight: approximately 130 kg
Dimensions: 940 x 560 x 600 (H x W x L in mm)

Electrical Data

Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power: 3200 W
Fuse: 16 A

General Specification

Ambient temperature: + 10 °C to + 35 °C
Spectrum: Class A⁺ AM 1.5 according to IEC 60904*
Uniformity: Class A⁺ according to IEC60904*
Temporal stability: Class A⁺ according to IEC60904
Irradiance: 500 – 1100 W/m² at a distance of 950mm to front of lamella light source
Rate of repetition: 3600 test cycles per hour
Total pulse time: 50 ms
Measurement time: 40 ms

*When suitably enclosed


Fiber optic cable (PFO)

Lamp Housing

Dimension: 550 x 750 (D x L in mm)
Cable length: 4 m
Weight: approximately 30 kg