Solar Simulator Device

Optimized for cell production lines and off-line measurement

The Pulsed Solar Simulator PSS 10 II is optimized for cell production lines and off-line measurement.
It can be easily integrated into automatic and semi automatic handling systems and different types of automatic sorters.
The system is also available integrated into a manual test station for laboratory use.


Product Specification

› 2 x 5 ms constant measuring time
› Class A temporal stability at 1000 W/m² and
500 W/m² irradiance level over measuring time
› Class A uniformity constant over lamp life time*
› Class A AM 1.5 spectrum*
› Test area 210 x 210 mm
› 1.6 m required space over cell test area
› Optional filter systems for Multi Junction
and R&D applications
› 2000 test cycles per hour
› Clean room suitable high performance
MKP capacitors


Technical Data

Mechanical Data

Weight: approximately 120 kg
Dimensions: 940 x 560 x 600 (H x W x L in mm)

Electrical Data

Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power: 2400 W
Fuse: 6.3 A TT

General Specification

Ambient temperature: + 10 °C to + 35 °C
Spectrum: Class A AM 1.5 according to IEC 60904* or adjustable
Uniformity: Class A according to IEC60904*
Temporal stability: Class A according IEC60904
Irradiance: 500 – 1100 W/m² at a distance of 1.6 m including lamp
Rate of repetition: 2000 test cycles per hour
Total pulse time: 18 ms
Measurement time: 2 x 5 ms

*When suitably enclosed


Fiber optic cable (PFO)

Lamp Housing

Dimension: 550 x 750 (D x L in mm)
Cable length: 8 m
Weight: approximately 30 kg
Features: centering laser