PSS 40

Solar Simulator Device

Large Area Module tester designed for space or laboratory applications

In its 4.5 ms usable pulse time the Pulsed Solar Simulator PSS 40 can test modules of 3 by 4 meters in size. Spectrum can be adjusted from AM 0 to AM 2 or special Multi Junction requirements. Power rating (1366 W/m²) adjusted at 12-15 m distance (depending on system setup). Strong mobile steel frame setup includes height adjustable lamp support.


Product Specification

› 4.5 ms constant pulse time
› 1366 W/m² stable irradiance level over pulse time
› Uniformity constant over lamp life time
› AM 0, AM 1.5 Spectrum or adjustable from
AM0 to AM2
› Clean room compatable
› Optional filter systems for Multi Junction
and R&D applications
› 120 test cycles per hour


Technical Data

Mechanical Data

Weight: 850 kg
Dimensions: 1980x950x2060 (H x W x L in mm)
Max. lamp height: 4000 mm
Housing: Steel frame on heavy duty castors

Electrical Data

Voltage: 3 x 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Power: 5000 W

General Specification

Ambient temperature: + 10 °C to + 35 °C
Spectrum: AM0, AM1.5 or adjustable AM0–AM2
Irradiance: 1366 W/m² at a distance of 12 m
1000 W/m² at a distance of 15 m
Rate of repetition: 120 test cycles per hour
Uniformity: <1% at 2x3m*, <2% at 3x4m*
Total pulse time: 5.5 ms
Measurement time: 4.5 ms

*at 15 m distance


Fiber optic cable (PFO)