Can we integrate BERGER Flashers into our production environment?




BERGER Flashers can be integrated into a multitude of production environment, as they can be mounted either in a tower, horizontally or vertically.

How large can the testing area be?


The higher the distance between testing area and light source, the bigger the testing area. A higher distance (and testing area) requires exponentially more energy per flash discharge. The maximum size of the testing area for the PSS 8 flasher system is 2.4 meters diagonal. This requires a distance of 4.3 between testing area and backside light source.
The space application flasher has a maximum testing area of up to 3 x 4 meters. Optional larger flasher units can be manufactured.

Do modules/cells have to have a certain temperature?


Homogenous temperature of modules or cells is one of the most important criteria while measuring. Measuring standards require 25°C. It is to be avoided under all circumstances to deviate from that. The best solution is to have modules or cells get acclimatized to room temperature.

What service do BERGER flashers require?




Due to the special construction of our products service is easy: The power generator’s 19” plug-in with all relevant electronic components can be easily handled by customer.
The flash tube can be changed by customer without any tools. The Xenon lamps have a lifetime for module flashers PSS 8 of 50 000 up to 100 000 flash discharges and for single cell flashers PSS 10 of 300 000 up to 500 000 flash discharges.
The files with measuring results also contain all settings of hard- and software and can be sent by e-mail for support.