BERGER Lichttechnik measurement systems for modules are used worldwide for mass production and in laboratories. The basic system can be upgraded to fully automated production or lab systems.

Basic System

The PSS 8 system of our module tester family is mainly used in the production of crystalline and thin film modules. Based on a class A+A+A+ sun simulator with spectral match between 300 and 1200 nm and a throughput of 160 tests/hour and by using our market proven sub-IV-curve technology included in latest software release “Gen3 High Efficiency” with passive load simulation all cell technologies, including heterojunction, PERC, n-type etc. can be measured within a single 10 ms flash.

Options for Production

The basic system can be enhanced with options for handling and process automation. With the PSL AUII unit a full database controlled automated production integration is possible, including safety tests and integration of EL imaging systems.

Options for R&D

The same basic system can be used to upgrade to a full flagged laboratory unit. The Climatic Chamber system with an unrivalled small foot print allows fast and automated temperature and/or irradiance matrix measurements, e.g. to calculate temperature coefficients. Optionally a PSS 8-LP with a pulse time of up to 50 ms can be integrated.