Since the beginning of the industrialization of solar cell manufacturing BERGER Lichttechnik’ s full passive cell testing systems are part of the success story.

Basic System

The PSS 10 II system of our cell tester family is still a workhorse in worldwide production of solar cells. While being compatible with the very first systems we have updated the throughput to 2,000 tests/hour. In combination with the latest software release “Gen3 High Efficiency” the system is offering Smart Operater functions for easy use.

High Speed System

Based on the basic system the PSS 10 II-HS offers enhanced throughput of 2,400 tests/hour. This is achieved by optimized cooling and higher communication speeds.

High Efficiency System

Latest development for cell testing is the PSS 10 HE-HS Mark II. This systems offers a throughput of 3,600 tests/hour, longer pulse time of 2x 20 seconds and a higher maximum number of data points. In combination with the passive load simulation and by using our market proven sub-IV-curve technology this allows precise measurements of all cell technologies, including heterojunction, PERC, N-type etc.


For additional testing methods and manual use we are offering a range of options.